Network West Midlands

Welcome to the Network West Midlands (NWM) routes for the freeware train driving simulator OpenBVE.

The NWM suite of routes are a highly detailed fictional railway, with scenery based on real life locations around the Birmingham and West Midlands area of the UK. Current route distance is circa 140km. Operations are realistic with various track and weather conditions, AWS, TPWS, and high quality signalling.

  • NWM routes and diagrams are diverse. From the 125mph electrified mainline, to DMU operated local services linking towns of industry, to winding single track rural branchlines; express, commuter, railtour, and freight operations are included.
  • NWM is completely free, and available to download from this site.
  • NWM is an ongoing project so please check back for further updates and expansion.

Version history:

v12.13 NWM 2013 for OpenBVE. 

  • An update to v12.12 (features see below) which:
  • Additional route files
  • Improved variation on some train diagrams
  • Improved scenery
  • Bug fixes

v12.12 NWM 2012 for OpenBVE. 

  • An update to v01.12 (features see below) which:
  • Added 2001-2005 era
  • Addition route files
  • Many new passing train models by Steve Thomas
  • Bug fixes
Check the website for future updates, as we are now working on older eras and map expansion.


  • An update to v12.10 (features see below) which:
  • Re-uploaded NWM to
  • Bug fixes

v12.10 NWM 2011 for OpenBVE.

  • An update to v05.09 (features see below) which:
  • Is a complete rebuild for openBVE only, and an interim release containing the 2006- era - More to come soon!
  • Complete overhaul of most textures and objects.
  • Implementation of high detailed overhead line equipment throughout.
  • Re-introduction of night time diagrams complete with streetlamps and building lighting.
  • Random moving traffic on overbridges.
  • Moving passing trains.
  • Points of interest every 500-1000m to externally view the active train (Numpad 7 to jump to next POI). Virtually the whole route can be viewed from the back of the train.
  • Revised track layouts and signalling.
  • Hammerwich station rebuilt.
  • Inplementation of openBVE $include statements to provide random routing, weather conditions, trackside engineers, etc.
  • Improved 3D signalling objects, station lamps, trees and all stations with correct running-in nameboards.
  • New diagrams for the newer driveable trains (cl350/60/67).
  • Variable station stopping places so you may pick any train for any diagram.
  • An update to v01.09 (features see below) which:
  • Updates various parts to scenery including passing train and stock models.
  • Added extra high detailed OHLE route file options.
  • Separate downloads for the OpenBVE version to allow improved glow techniques and some object animation such as flashing signals.
  • Adds additional diagrams.
  • Route file downloads updated 13.05.09 to fix a handful of signalling glitches.
  • An update to v06.08 (features see below) which:
  • Adds the extension of the diesel operated loop line between Salford Bridge and Frankley Junction. This means a host of new diagrams as mainline and freight trains are diverted to this route.
  • Updates various parts to scenery including passing train and stock models.
  • Added extra high detailed OHLE route file options.
  • Diagrams now split into three era groups with passing train classes and liveries to suit.
  • Fixes errors to allow the routes to be enjoyed in OpenBVE.
  • Eases speed restrictions on parts of the route.
  • An update to v02.08 (features see below) which:
  • Corrects TPWS installation. TPWS is now only fitted to selected signals at junctions and with high SPAD risk as per real life. Overspeed TPWS sensors approaching reduced speed restrictions are now correctly positioned before the reduced speed restriction, set at a speed within a trains braking curve.
  • Updates various parts to scenery including passing train and stock models.
  • Adds PA announcements to principal stations recorded exclusively for NWM by Mr. Phil Sayer.
  • Adds diagrams for the recently released class 323 refurb and unrefurb at and classes 150/1 & 150/2 Sprinter DMUs at
  • Installers updated 19.06.08 to fix minor visual glitches, station spelling error in timetable and audible glitch in announcement file
  • New tunnel entrances and scenery between Maybank and Riverside.
  • Approach control signalling has been altered to up the speed at some of the junctions.
  • Improved signals.
  • First stage of the Salford Bridge loop line complete.
  • Pacer and single unit diagrams on the Blackbrook branch and Class 56 diagrams.
  • High detail overhead line equipment option for the Salford Bridge area.
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