Northern Line

Welcome to the Northern Line route for the freeware train driving simulator OpenBVE.

The London Underground Northern Line runs from Edgware in Middlesex North of London, southbound to Camden Town. After calling at Camden, the lines split. One option is to turn off to the 'City Branch' via Bank, or the other option is to carry on forward to the 'West End' via Charing Cross. Both lines run south to Kennington, where they merge. At Kennington the southbound line continues to its Southern terminus at Morden in Surrey.

The downloaded routes cover the whole line in several parts:

  • From Edgware to Golders Green on the surface, then dipping deep undeground for the journey under the city of London. departing from Camden Town, the journey continues through the West End (via Charing Cross), to Kennington Southbound where the train runs through a very tight curve known as the Kennington Loop.
  • From Kennington Northbound, forward through the Northbound tunnels to Camden, turning off to the Barnet Branch. The line rises to surface level, meeting daylight at East Finchley. You'll run surface level to the terminus at High Barnet.
  • From Edgware to Camden Town, the train is routed to the Southbound City Branch via Bank and continues underground to the Southern terminus at Morden.

All gradients, distances, positions of curves, pointwork, stations and signalling is modelled accurately. Signalling is, however very slightly simplified slightly owing to limitations of BVE.

Version history:

Northern Line v1.0 for OpenBVE..

  • A complete rebuild for OpenBVE featuring
  • New darker, higher detailed tunnelling
  • The addition of Edgware station's shed
  • Animated CIS displays
  • Corrected stop points, and platform lengths allowing selective door operation and end-door cutout.
  • A brand new 1995 stock train complete with animated external views, working doors, destination displays, internal and external lighting, photoreal cab displays, and improved sounds.
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